I hope that by combining Egyptology and vintage fashion — from a time when Egyptology and Egyptian designs, both ancient and modern, were popular throughout the world — I can encourage more people to be interested in all things Egyptian, and to travel to Egypt

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By wearing the clothing of the early modern period and attempting to understand how it feels to wear and work in the clothes of 100 or so years ago, I also gain some feeling for understanding the different clothing and the lives of the ancient Egyptians.


Never ask a Magician How the Magic Trick Works

Teflon Tristan beams at you, smiling with the pride of superiority. He has just pulled off a magic trick. You have been fooled. You want to know how it worked, but you are not allowed to ask.

Pick a scene, any scene: you will not become wiser in any case. Your wishes and desires, aspirations and fantasies will disappear into thin air without even the slightest trace of smoke, no sight of mirrors, … you are left behind with your brain completely caught up in a maze of strings, knotted up, utterly incompetent to unravel even the hint of a solution.

There is none. Nothing on the stage. Everything is empty. You are lost. It is far easier to believe in magic than to doubt what you just saw.

Tristan is good – he cannot be evil, because he is the hero of this story. He wants to save you and all of humanity. He has a plan, and all you need to do is to follow him: „Together, we can end the misery“ he says.

There you sit, in the audience, as the last echoes of his amplified voice disperse into the farthest corners of the auditorium. Everywhere the crowd around you lifts their voices, lifts their arms and raises the roof with such an overwhelming applause that you cannot resist in partaking in the undulating movements the mob sweeps you away in.

Our savior! Tell us what to do! We will obey!

Vitamins for PEP!

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Often listed under “Sexist Ads of the Past,” this 1930s Kellogg’s PEP cereal advertisement sure does speak about time in which it was created. In 1938, the Kellogg’s Company introduced several new innovations including Kellogg’s PEP cereal. According to Kellogg’s, PEP was the “first cereal fortified with vitamins B and D through the ‘spray’ method, marking the beginning of the cereal industry’s food fortification processes.”


Along with heavy pressure from the sheer number of people wanting to go camping, not all campgrounds are open, plus many areas where dispersed camping is allowed on government lands have been closed to the public

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On occasion people have told us they would like us to join their group, because we must be lonely, being a couple all by ourselves. Gosh, that is the point — we are a couple and want to spend our time together alone. If we want to socialize, we will do so on our own terms, when we want, with our own friends and family.


SciFi / Fantasy Apron

It appeals to my love of fantasy and sci fi. Even if Game of Thrones wasn’t my favourite ( for me it had too much gratuitous violence ) I am more of a Lord of the Rings person, this gave me immense pleasure when it appeared. When it arrived is another angle, the message hints at my tendency to procrastination that anyone close to me knows all too well. Rather amusingly one daughter procrastinated in its purchase so that my Christmas present finally appeared at Easter. I’m not judging, I am all to aware that I appear to have handed down my own tendency to delay to my Offspring.


I imagine a micro storm of viruses swirling between our bodies and the only layer of protection between us is a millimeter-thick layer of cotton over our nose and mouth

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Tangueros ask me whether tango will survive COVID. It has survived despite ruthless dictators, rock-n-roll, and capitalism. We will dance again.


I was getting all super profound (some would say dramatic, but we don’t listen to haters)

We need to prepare ourselves for this and try to adopt and accept a new normal. While we try to be big people and do this very grown up thing of accepting things for how they are now – we are ESSENTIALLY saying goodbye to our old lives, and this is extremely hard to do and so we grieve.


Why did God create the Universe?

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Welcome to Theological Thursday. I don’t want these articles to be longer than necessary so I’ll bypass the unnecessary introduction and jump right into some theology. The topic for this theological Thursday is as follows: Why did God create the universe?