Do you have advice on how to answer stupid questions regarding a woman trying to conceive?

A huge goal for me throughout my tell-all journey is to help create awareness of [infertility], especially to those who have never been directly impacted by it. I want to be the voice that our community needs to help equip our family and friends with insights into our world world and how they can help be the anchor we need them to be, and maybe, just maybe, help avoid the wrath they are about to walk into with a stupid comment they believed to be ‘helpful’

… But Green Is My Favorite Color

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Father Says...

I think I’ve been behaving myself, healthwise. My A1C is down almost two points. I’ve shaved about 40 pounds or so. I sleep soundly despite some apnea. I only take four prescription drugs {plus a bunch of supplements}. Not too bad for a septuagenarian.

The mot impressive part is I’ve done it without going vegan, without spending hours in the weight room, without modifying my lifestyle too much. I’ve done it with consistency and moderation.

About seven or eight years ago, my doctor gave me a stern lecture {with love} abut my overall health. Sonni pushed me to eat better and exercise more, even if it meant a simple walk from the furthest spot from the entrance to the store. She made me try veggie burgers and healthy snacks. My daughter-in-law keeps preaching healthy food choices {although they had mac and cheese with hot dogs last night}. My daughter insists…

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