What if, what is and wtf.

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Beautiful Heart

Recently a well known, loved and respected, author tweeted

And the response was one that rocketed humanity into a new heights of wtf.

how did we get here….

There once was a time when things were what they were.  It is what is.  Accept it.  Move on.

Men are the Bosses.  Well.  White ones.  And Money means Power.  And power means owning people deemed beneath the Boss.

So we said…what if.  What if, you know, maybe, All Men were equal.  And slavery is abolished.  And, maybe…maybe we could vote on things and maybe even vote for Leaders…

And some rather brilliant people took a stand against the What Is.  Because what was, was against Human Rights.  And humanity had lost the way, appallingly.

As we shifted to a new What is, more what if’s arose.  What if, just a thought, what if women…

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